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Helpful tips and procedures for maintaining the website.

Website Colors

Below are the colors used through out the site.  Use these colors for their respective uses.

Theme color palette is defined under the left menu Theme Styles > Color Set

Main color:   #2ca1b6      xxxxxxx

Accent color:  #a6d8c0     xxxxxxx

Other colors used on site:

#d7eee3 - background for sections

#f7f7f7 - background for sections

Text Links will sometimes default to the accent color.  You can select the text and change the color to black.

Hints and Tips

Below are useful tips to keep the site consistent and for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


In general, before uploading any image, make sure the image is web friendly in file size. Do not upload images with a file size larger than a few 100K.  400 or 500K should be the max for any one image.  Most images should be under 100K.

After selecting an image, click the Edit Image SEO button under the image and add ALT and TITLE text.

To let the user see the full image, give it a Link, and choose Lightbox. The image to the left is linked. Click to see the lightbox.

Do this only if you are not planning on linking the image to a website or another page.

Page SEO

Each page should have it's own description, which will give a better SEO rating and indexing.  It will also help the end user identify what the page is about when viewing search results.

To add the SEO for a page, navigate to the Page Settings > Click the cog wheel next to the page > Click the SEO tab (upper right corner) > Edit/Add as much information as necessary.

Click the image to see larger image

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